Sunday, August 19, 2007

PSP Custom Firmware Strikes Back

For those of you that don't know, I'm upto date in the PSP scene (that will be about 99% of my readers). And I just thought I'd spread the word of the new custom firmware update from the Russian Hackers M33.

They've just updated 3.52 M33 to version 3, so I suggest you update yourselves. [Link]

Careful though, if you're a member of PS3News...Or you've visited their site, delete all traces of Internet activity on both your PSP and PC before you download anything.

M33 have warned users that if they have anything to do with PS3News, then their update will brick your PSP.

They have done this because PS3News are notorious for stealing the work of others, it's the Russian way of saying, "A friend of theirs is an enemy of ours".

Many seem to think that this is the wrong way to go about the issue, but I'm alright with it, as long as it doesn't brick my PSP.

Here's my PSP these days: [Link]

Since this hasn't been as cruel and cold as I like my posts to be...I'll leave on this note:

What's worse than three dead babies in a bin?

One dead baby in three bins.

(...even though the thought makes me smile).

Catch you later fuckers.

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