Thursday, August 23, 2007

MSI Invading Europe? I'm Invading Them

I'm a big Mindless Self Indulgence fan...So when I heard that they were making their way to Europe (including the UK), I was there no matter what.

Don't have the tickets just yet, but they're only £11.50, so I'll have them soon enough...Best of all, it's the last show of the tour, they'll go out with one hell of a bang.

I'm hoping that this will make up for the short Wakestock.

I do have a plan though for this show...Little Jimmy Urine gives his fans kisses for a $1...Our currency is better than that, so dollar notes are rare.

I have $8 lying around.

I'm going to pull the con on the bassist LynZ...I wonder I can get laid...Hell, it's not rape if you shout surprise first; right?

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