Friday, December 21, 2007

Really Don't Know What To Say...

No I'm not lost for words, nor do I have a lack of witty comments at my disposal...I guess I just have a lot to write, and nothing that will apply to it all.

So...It's been far too long since I last posted (just shy of a month for those that are counting), so I feel I have to get dirty and straight down to business.

I'm still 18...Yet if anything, I'm even less mature, but since my birthday (and last post) I've been doing a lot of thinking, and it's been a while since I last done that...And I've decided that there's never the wrong time to start afresh and get your arse into gear.

On that note, I've applied to university...Yes, me...Applying to university.

Freaky shit.

Well I've applied for a course in Japanese at the University of Leeds, a course in Creative Technologies at the University of Bangor, and as a back up, a Computer Science Foundation Degree at the college I'm at now.

Obviously I'd rather do the first two, and out of those, I'm swaying back and forth between which I'd prefer.

Some days I want to sit in a dark room and program video games (well...that doesn't really make it sound great...but...Shut the fuck up).

And other days I want to go the land of anime and fetishes even I'd stay away from.

...but as always, there is a downside...I screwed over my UCAS application form, and forgot to put down that I'm doing a BTEC right now...So it looks like I've got my crappy GCSEs and nothing else (as for my GCSEs, I was under the influence for some of them).

Got Christmas coming up now...And as usual, I'm my bah humbug type self.

"Don't get me anything so I don't have to get you anything".

Yeah, it sucks, but I never have any cash (and most argue no morals either) so this is what I'm forced to do.

Ah well, I'm sure I'll have a good day regardless...Start off the day at mother's house, and shoot over to Liverpool to spend the rest of the day with father. Jolly good!

On an unrelated note...Cosplay.

Yep...A lot of you now have just spat out what ever was in your mouth (most likely a cock)...But I'm thinking of doing a cosplay for shits and giggles.

As I've said to a friend of mine (who best well be reading this *makes angry face*) I'll probably jump in the deep end and crossplay, yeah, not so surprising for a few of you...But sod it.

Bible Black school outfit? Hell yes. I'd be wearing it to Mindless Self Indulgence gig coming up.

What's that you say? MSI gig? Are you stuck in the past?


They're coming back over here in April...It'll be planned a whole lot better this time, and I can get a picture with Jimmy and Lyn-Z (as I missed on that last time). So hopefully you'll have the pleasure...No, the honour of reading another write up on another MSI gig!

Wow...This wasn't really as long as I thought it might have been...Ah well, I'll try and keep updating a lot more frequently.

Have a lovely what ever the hell you celebrate this time of year.

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yoyo said...

It's that time of the year to buy things,recieve things, be a consumeristic whore, eat lots of food or not, and wait for the whole diabolical load of shite to be over,untill the hype returns again next July.
It is also, a good time of year to aquire enough socks and awfull underpants to last you untill the same time next year.
yay pants.