Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I'm Doing This For Yoyobek

Yep, Yoyo tied me down and showed me a verity of whips and chains and is now forcing me to blog.

Well I'm not going to argue, after all, I did plan to blog on Christmas day (I blame alcohol).

Anyway, she's right in saying I have something to blog about today, because I do!

I had a lovely dinner today, I went to KFC and had a huge meal, it was damn tasty to boot. On the way back in the car we had a conversation.

It went like this:

Me: "Jay, isn't this where we lost it going 50mph?"

Jay: "Yeah it is; slow down Haz, you'll loose it."

Haz: *Foot down, hits 60mph, turns into roundabout, looses back end...*

Everyone: "Ah shit..."

Yeah...Basically we hit the curb sideways at 60mph and the backend flew up for a few feet, then when we touched down, we skidded sideways for about 17feet.

Video of the car afterward (the car was in worse state than it looked):

I'm glad to be alive. I had my friend Dave repeatedly point out how things could've been worse, and all the possibly ways we could've died. Bastard.

Well I'll have to cut it short, Yoyo is getting bored already...

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