Thursday, January 10, 2008

Good Things Come...

...To those that buy shit games.

I'm quite pissed off right now.

I've just been browsing the US Playstation Store and I see some DLC (downloadable content) that really grabs my attention.

"Downloadable Bugatti Veyron"

The catch you ask?

It's for Need For Speed Pro Street.

I love racing games, but NFS doesn't cut it. They had a solid model with Carbon (it wasn't perfect, but it wasn't bad), and they just threw it out the window and fucked it with a dry 16" dildo.

Tears were shed.

Let me put it this way...

There is a mode (basically 'easy') in which you can play the game, and it will steer for you. That's not a trademarked over-exaggeration, but cold hard fact.

I only played the demo, but in which I set this mode on, held down accelerate, and won the race...The only human adjustment was that I slowed down for some corners.


I want the game to be good now just for the sake of driving the Bugatti Veyron.

EA, I'd like you to suck my balls.

E, you can deep throat me, careful on the teeth though.

A, you can focus on making sure my balls don't feel left out.

...The C&C 3 expansion pack better make up for this.

1 comment:

yoyo said...

Well if you dont like ProStreet I'll buy it off of you for £40* ..

*You'll also be sending me a PS3 in this price :D