Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Change In My Ideal Career

Game reviewer.

I'm getting straight to the point with this one. I want to review games. I want to get paid to play game and write a page or two about them. And more importantly, it'll get me the girls.

I play far too many video games...In fact, forget that, I don't play enough, you can never play enough. I've just done a college project involving a video camera and me researching AI...What do I do? I video myself playing Stranglehold for 5 minutes (and getting a 35 star kill style chain (will host somewhere if you want it)). Of course 5 minutes is far from enough footage for a college project.

...So I started playing Heavenly Sword.

*Fingers crossed for top marks!*

Now because of this reason I'll be writing a few more game related blogs on here, and depending on how popular (term used loosely...Should read: "If the 3 people that read my blog..."), request it, I could make another, totally gaming focused blog. I don't really want to start that though unless I'm sure I'll have at least a handful of people interested. And on a related note, don't worry, you'll still get to feel the heat of my cynicism and hate for everything living, dead and in between here.

Now I've asked for responses a few times in the past, but I really do want to hear what you have to say about this...I'm nearing my 18th birthday, and it is then, I will gain my class specific
quest in life (class: gamer, quest title: get off your arse and get a job).

Now to taint this post with some of my distrust in common man...But I'm having a problem, I just feel like I'm lacking inspiration today. I'm waiting amuse myself with Yahtzee's latest bitch about a certain game over at Escapist Magazine, and until then, I'm feeling partially happy, and this strange feeling is making me say things to others I usually wouldn't (I'm told it's called, 'being nice')...But I have a good reason for this.

My Mindless Self Indulgence tickets came today...It'll be one hell of a night according things go to plan, and more importantly, I set up some form of a plan in the first place.

Zero's final thought: Go check out GameAscent, it's an upcoming gaming community that you want to be a part of...No really, you do.

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